heu·​ris·​tic | /hyo͞oˈristik/

Derived from a Greek word that means "to discover," heuristic is an aid to learning, discovery, or problem-solving by experimental and trial-and-error methods

We identify and solve communications problems that impact your business.  

We exude intentionality.

We build solid foundations—we don’t just cover up cracks.

We believe in listening before talking. 

We don’t shy away from challenges or hard conversations.

We don’t take orders.

We design, build, and execute based on your goals.

We are expert strategists.



Kristin Faulder started Heurisay after more than a decade working at agencies because she was frustrated with what she saw as the disconnect between clients’ goals and the counsel offered and tactics deployed.

She saw that too often, strategies were created and deployed in a vacuum – by department, issue, campaign. And with audiences savvier and more connected than ever, companies need to respond in stride. Armed with her experience – and deep passion for the science behind how people think and make decisions – Kristin committed to helping organizations do and perform better.

Companies need to respond to audiences and communications and marketing issues with thoughtful, intentional strategies. Every strategy developed and tactic deployed by Heurisay ties back to a client’s business goals. Our experts ask the right questions, make the right connections, and integrate into our clients’ businesses; we believe success is achieved—and people have the most fun—when we’re a partner, not a vendor. We use our collective experience to help our clients see obstacles and opportunities differently and approach problems in new ways that engage their audiences.

We spend our time at 10,000 feet so our clients can spend theirs on the ground.  





Internal communications—the tools and channels used, messages disseminated, processes implemented, hierarchies in place—requires a solid strategy (just like sales or product development). 



External communications efforts—from sales collateral and website to earned media coverage and email campaigns—must align with an overall comprehensive strategy. Unfortunately, companies’ actions are too often done with short-term, one-off goals in mind.