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sales and marketing alignment 

While these two teams have always had to play in the sandbox next to each other, they now have to work together to build castles, identify the best tools to use, and collaborate to win attention for their work—in other words, attracting and retaining clients.

Long gone are the days where sales reps smile and dial a long list of prospects to fill the sales funnel. So, too, are gone the days where marketing creates content in a silo, and then passes ideas along for sales reps to use with potential and existing customers.

A sale doesn’t end when a customer signs a contract. How your company engages that customer post-sale will have a significant impact on whether you retain that customer, whether they feel any loyalty to your brand and, importantly, whether they recommend you to others. (Recommended reading: John Hall’s “3 Ways to Rethink Customer Relationships in the Age of the Consumer” article in Forbes)


  • Are your sales and marketing teams working together to develop or implement a customer success plan?

  • Is your content resonating with your prospects and customers?

  • Do you have a repeatable, scalable, consistent and measurable sales and marketing onboarding and training process?

  • Has your organization developed a sales enablement strategy? (Highspot defines “sales enablement” as the strategic, ongoing process of equipping sales teams with the content, guidance, and training they need to effectively engage buyers.)

  • How are you collecting and measuring customer feedback?


Contact us about partnering on an alignment strategy.

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