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SPEAK Virtual: Remote Speaking & #Media Training

A recent study by MIT shows that about half of the American workforce is now remote as a result of COVID-19. If nothing else, that staggering statistic demonstrates that the pandemic has changed – for many of us, dramatically – the way we work. Our long commutes have been replaced by a quick walk to the dining rooms; our desks replaced by the place we eat dinner with our families. It has also impacted the way we communicate with others – from colleagues to employees, boards of directors to reporters. Back-to-back in-person meetings have been replaced by endless video calls, most of us becoming fluent in Zoom overnight.

Whether you do one virtual meeting a day or 10, you know they require a different skill set; a different energy; a different focus.

Our audiences haven’t changed, but the way we interact and engage with them has.

That’s why we’re taking and updating our experience preparing executives and spokespeople in the “real” world so we can get them ready for the virtual one.

SPEAK Virtual

Whether it’s a media interview, a podcast or a keynote, chances are high that it will take place virtually – at least for the foreseeable future. Our process: After an overview of and discussion about working with today’s media, we walk through a series of examples and mock practice interviews that are recorded and reviewed with you. We go beyond the basics, tips and techniques; we focus on real practice so participants can see and feel for themselves what works and identify areas for improvement.   

Message review and counsel

What you are saying is as important as how you are saying it. We don’t just help executives prepare for their moment in the hot seat; we help ensure that what they are saying resonates with their audience.

Virtual environment critique

Today, we are inviting people into our homes with every call, so it’s important to review and improve – as necessary – your virtual environment. As part of the session, we critique your physical environment as well as how you present – camera angle, audio, posture, eye contact and body language.

There’s a lot changing about the way we live, work and communicate. That’s why we are launching SPEAK Virtual; effectively engaging with audiences – whether in-person or virtually – requires clarity, practice and preparation.

Going to be in the hot seat? We look forward to helping you get clear and ready... virtually.

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