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media and public relations

Strategy is at the heart of everything we do. There is no tactic taken, action item checked off, or piece of coverage placed that doesn’t align to an overall goal. These efforts help us keep organized and focused to ensure you can draw a line between a result—a piece of coverage, for example—and the business goal to which it tracks.

Our approach to media relations focuses on both the why and the how.


Earning media is part science and part art—and  is accomplished with a deep understanding of how to tell the right story to the right audience (both the reader and reporter). The key is knowing how and where to hook reporters based on your business and communications strategy. Today’s media environment is complicated by fewer reporters, an increase in the number of stories they write, radically changing expectations on how to be pitched and engaged, and the number of platforms on which they must publish. We know how to reach them where they are (whether via Twitter, email, or phone) and with what they need (whether a one-sentence pitch or a visual).


The best communications programs are driven by your vision and business strategy and brought to life in strategic and creative campaigns. Therefore, no media placement, social campaign, or conference metric has value if disconnected from what you’re trying to accomplish as a business.


The foundation of the most successful media strategies is built on executives’ ideas, opinions, and points of view. At Heurisay, we develop clear, executable plans that include the key channels, including media targets, that we will use to engage a client’s key audiences with those messages. Every plan includes recommended program goals and metrics based on your business goals, the uniqueness of the company’s perspective(s), and the external industry landscape and appetite for that perspective. 


If your media efforts don’t align with business goals, we’re here to help.  

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