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external communications

External communications efforts—from sales collateral and website to earned media coverage and email campaigns—must align with an overall comprehensive strategy. Unfortunately, companies’ actions are too often done with short-term, one-off goals in mind.

A blog post written by the marketing team that overlooks the biggest problem customers are facing.

An article in a publication not read by your audience(s).

A trade show booth, message, and effort that doesn’t align with your overall brand strategy.

The result: Disjointed, misaligned efforts and misplaced investments of money and resources.

For many organizations, though, doing something is seen as better than doing nothing—but this comes at great cost. Not having an overall strategy to which your efforts align confuses both internal (employees) and external audiences (Board of Directors, customers, prospects).

At Heurisay, we believe…

… every action should answer the question why before it is put into motion.

… every message and the channel through which it is delivered should be intentional.

… departments and individuals charged with conveying that message need to be aligned and working towards the same strategy.


Worried you’re working without a strategy? Let’s talk.


media and public relations 

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