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Clients have described Kristin as their secret weapon; an inspiration, driver for change; irreplaceable.  

With an intriguing and diverse compilation of experience, Kristin brings a unique perspective to her work. But it’s more than the results she cultivates and delivers that elicits these reactions from her clients.  

She is intentional. Kristin identifies and focuses in on her clients’ business goals, uncovers communications obstacles, and designs and executes strategies that align to those goals.

She is passionate. She believes deeply in and understands the impact of thoughtful, strategic, and purposeful communications and elicits that same enthusiasm across organizations with whom she works.

She is curious. Kristin seeks to know her clients, their businesses, the industries in which they reside and has a deep desire to understand evolving trends and best practices that will deliver deeper impact. 

Kristin serves as a strategic partner to companies as they seek to build brand awareness; re-frame a company vision, story, and message; increase audience engagement, improve employee engagement/retention, and align sales/marketing departments and efforts.

Her clients include small-to-medium-sized organizations across industries in various stages of establishment from start-up to five decades in business. 

Kristin lives in Nashville with her husband and two sons, where she enjoys the fabulous and delicious restaurant culture, happily benefits from the deep-rooted musical talent, and brags about outdoor lunches in February. 

Talks and Interviews

We Can’t Hire the Right People Because the Economy is Too Good (podcast) 

In this episode, Kristin Faulder, CEO and Founder at Heurisay, discusses how to recruit the best employees for your business. Blaming the economy isn’t going to change your ability to do this. Companies who retain well have a waiting list right now to hire. So it is possible to get to that point. Being strategic and purposeful about hiring is key to finding the right people and retaining them long term.

CX: Understanding Customer’s Needs to Improve their Experience (podcast) 

This episode includes an interview with communications expert Kristin Faulder, in which she discusses best practices in how organizations can develop a communication framework across the entire customer experience.


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